Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cambodian Update

The final weeks in Cambodia was a blur of activity. When I left at the end of the first week of August progress looked promising. The Ministers of Defense and Interior had signaled no objections to the draft policy.

On the 21st of August the drafting team approved a version to send to the Minister for MoNASRI. Since that time there has been an unfortunate silence from within MoNASRI as to the progress of the policy.

I returned in mid November to carry out more consultations and attempted without luck to find out more from MoNASRI. I participated in briefings to the 5th Commission of the National Assembly and in another two day National Workshop for NGOs and civil society.

3 months on still no movement. I had to turn down an opportunity to return to Cambodia last week to participate in a conference at the National Assembly. By all accounts the conference went well but no advance on why the draft policy has not been forwarded for review to the Council of Ministers.

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